Laura Geitz Tips

Laura Geitz, Australian Diamonds and Queensland Firebirds captain

Laura Geitz, Australian Diamonds and Queensland Firebirds captain

Growing up in the small town of Allora on the Darling Downs, it was a pair of shoes that kick-started Laura Geitz's netball career. A young Laura was tossing up what sport to play when she decided on netball because her sister had a pair of purple netball shoes. Laura quickly rose through the netball ranks to catch the eyes of talent scouts and was soon playing state and national under age netball before earning herself a scholarship with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

Laura made her debut with the Queensland Firebirds in 2008. A true Queenslander, Laura wouldn’t dream of playing with any team. In 2011, she helped lead the team to a record-breaking undefeated season. She was named Queensland Firebirds Player of the Year in 2010, Player’s Player in 2011 and Member’s Player of the Year in 2013.

Laura made her Australian Netball Diamonds debut in 2008. In 2013 she was named as only the second Queenslander to captain Australia’s most successful women’s sporting team in its history, quickly leading them to Commonwealth gold in the 2014 games in Glasgow.

Laura will be running the 5km at this year’s City2South and has shared her top training tips:


Sign up with a buddy

Training with somebody always makes it so much more fun and you can motivate one another!  It's harder to say no to a session when you know you're going to let your mate down!

Build into it

If you're new to running or have been out of action for a while then give your body and mind a chance to recalibrate into training mode again! Start with running for 5-10mins the first week and progressively add another 5mins each week until you are running for 30-40mins at a good pace for you!

Set a realistic goal

Set yourself a time that you want to cross the finish line in!  There are so many great running products on the market that can help you train and get a good understanding of the ground you are covering!  Personally, I believe Rebel sport have the best products and the staff are fantastic in helping choose the right watch / app product for you! 


Everyone loves a little spice in their life and training for an event such as the City2South is no different!  Mix up training with some cross training sessions to give your body and mind a break from repetition training!