We would like to thank Pat Carroll, Australian All Comers Half Marathon record holder (61.11), for writing the 14km training programs. Pat can provide you with a more detailed and personalised training program for any event you may be targeting and you will have the ability to converse with Pat via email and social media throughout your campaign. 

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Training Plans

Pat Carroll has put together a 10 week training program to help you achieve your goal on June 4. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner there's something for everyone.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

View the 10 week specifically designed training program for the City2South below.

Selecting which program is right for you

Beginner: First attempt at the distance. Your main goal is to finish.

Intermediate: You devote a few months each year to running and may have run this distance a few times before or have run a number of races over shorter distances. You are possibly aiming to finish in the middle third of the field.

Advanced: You are a experienced Half Marathoner and aiming to finish in the first third of the field.

You will notice that the majority of the sessions are time based (30min/1hr) rather than distance based (5km/10km). The reason for this is that generally running to time is more enjoyable, easy to monitor (all you need is a watch) and will prevent you from forcing the pace of the comfortable runs.

The use of measured efforts in the speed sessions (500m/1km) and time trials (3km & 5km) are sufficient indicators for you to help set a realistic and challenging City2South goal.

Challenging yourself (running out of your comfort zone) during your speed sessions and races is rewarding in many ways, however, it is imperative that you also incorporate ample recovery time (rest days and easy/comfortable runs).

Number 1 Rule: Run out of your comfort zone during your fast efforts and races. All remaining sessions should be run at a relaxed pace. You should be able to talk comfortably the entire run.