Training Tips by Lincoln Lewis


Brisbane-born and bred and the son of rugby league legend, Wally, Lincoln Lewis is on board as a Brisbane Times City2South presented by Westpac ambassador.

On the fast track to becoming one of Australia’s most exciting young stars with his recent role as Nick Carlisle in SPIN OUT, Lincoln has also appeared opposite Guy Pearce in MEI MEI and Julian McMahon in the indie thriller BAIT.  

Lincoln also starred in Stuart Beattie’s TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN, which not only garnered critical acclaim but also became one of the highest-grossing films of all time in Australia.  

He has won a number of accolades for his work, including a Logie for “Best Newcomer” for his role in the popular Australian series, Home and Away.  Lincoln was last seen in AFTER EARTH alongside Will and Jaden Smith. He also appeared in the miniseries GALLIPOLI and the TV show HOUSE HUSBANDS in Australia.


Training Tips

Create a routine, and stick to it

The hardest part about any training routine is actually getting started! Once you're moving, the rest is pretty simple. One of the biggest training barriers is not knowing what exercises to do. Doing some research and setting up a plan will ensure your training is beneficial to your overall goal. Incorporate a variety of activities and ensure to include rest periods to avoid burning out ahead of the big day.

Have fun whilst training

Pounding the pavement, whilst important, isn’t the only way to train for a running event such as City2South. Incorporating a range of different activities into your workout, such as skipping or a gym class, will help improve your overall fitness and will make training more fun.

Fuel your body correctly

Diet plays a very important role during training. A balanced diet full of fresh ingredients will help fuel muscles, speed up recovery and set you on your way to achieving the best possible results on the day of the run. On top of this, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Sticking to a healthy diet is most important but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy whatever our guilty food pleasures may be. We are allowed to reward ourselves for our hard work, just make sure you really earn it!